Safety Disclaimer

The activities and information provided by Forest School Freebies are for general guidance only. No guarantee as to their safety in practice is expressed or implied. With respect to all the information and activities listed on this website it is vital that you carry out your own risk assessments in accordance with the policies and procedures of your place of work and/or insurance cover and public liability requirements if you are self-employed. Please read all the information given below.

Forest School Manual

It is Forest School best practice to maintain and regularly update a Forest School manual for your setting. The guidance it contains, together with all other safety guidelines current in your place of work should determine whether or not a given activity should take place or is deemed safe at all. Forest School Freebies accepts no responsibility whatsoever for accidents and injuries arising from the use of any information it provides. The determination of what is safe practice with your children and setting is down to you and your line managers.

Safety TipsĀ 

Forest School Freebies may provide safety tips for some activities. This information is provided as general advice only. The risk assessments for any new activity can only be done by you. Each child, group of children and setting is different and what is safe in one context may be unsafe in another. In particular, adult to child ratios will vary depending on the age, previous experience and special needs of the children in front of you.

Plan for your numbers

Plan for your numbers. Adapt the activities for the age, ability and specific needs of your children. Do the risk assessment paperwork, share it with your team and spell out the safety rules and routines to your colleagues and children each and every session. Stop the activity if unsafe practice is taking place. Leave no room for accidents.