Tree Bark Montage

Children make a tree bark montage on A4 card or paper plates with layers of bark rubbings from different trees.


Art and Design. Children develop skills in making rubbings and creating a montage to include natural finds.

Technical skills. Assembling the components of their montage.

Montage. Safety scissors. Sheets of plain card or paper plates. Sheets of coloured paper. Rolls of fresh masking tape, clip boards. Roll of double-sided tape, stubby crayons, PVA glue, thinned with water, brushes to apply glue.

  1. Demonstrate techniques. A piece of A4 card of paper plate provides the base. Coloured paper is torn into strips, attached to the tree with masking tape and a rubbing taken of the bark. Use the stubby crayon side-on to achieve the desired effect.
  2. Children make the montage.
  3. Tear strips of coloured paper. Working in pairs children tape paper to different trees with masking tape. Make a tree-bark rubbing, using two or more different colours of crayon. Use different colours of paper.
  4. Arrange in an attractive design on the provided card.

iii. Find dry leaves of different tree species. Use double sided tape or glue to add leaves to the card.

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