Treasure Bag

Sew a small hessian bag with wool and tapestry needle.


Children build on prior sewing experience to make a small pencil pouch. They practice needle threading, whip stitching and hemming.

Pre-cut pieces of hessian 7” x 18”, one per child. Plastic tapestry needles, wool or twine.

  1. Stitching demonstration and practice. Stitches are all the same size – 1cm apart and 1cm from the edge. Demonstrate technique.
  2. Thread needles and practice a whip stitch with wool. Continue the practice until they have competence. Next, sew a line stitch.
  3. Sew the hem. Issue a piece of hessian 7” x 18” (18cms x 23cms). Fold the strip of hessian in half. First, hem the bag openings. Fold over each short end by 2cms and stitch with a line stitch.
  4. Sew the halves together with line stitching. Fold the fabric in half, making sure that the fold-over side of the hem is on the inside. Next, sew one side of the bag together with a line stitch. Make sure it is 1cm in from the edge. Check the work and then sew the opposite side of the pouch.
  5. Do the whip stitching. The purpose of the whip stitch is to reduce fraying. Sew as evenly and neatly as possible. Check both sides for snagging. Lastly, add a twine tie so the mouth of the bag can be easily closed.

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