Touchy Textures

Collect items with different textures and mount them on card with double-sided tape.


Words for how things feel. Collecting items and using words like ‘prickly’ or ‘soft’ to correctly describe how they feel to touch.

Motor Skills. Children take care with how they place items onto the card, doing so in lines.

Being imaginative. Children use materials in original ways, thinking about uses and purposes.

Prepared A4 cards with sticky strips (double-sided tape). Safety scissors, clip boards or similar to work on.

Introduction. Let’s make a card that you can read in the dark. Put things on your card that feel different. Here is some sand. Here is a leaf. How does the leaf feel? Here is a piece of cloth. Can you tell what it is with your eyes shut?


Sticky Card. The card has four sticky strips. Stick on items such as:

– something rough (sand)

 – prickly (prickly plant with fine prickles)

 – smooth (evergreen leaf),

 – wrinkly/crinkly (dried-up leaf),

 – hard (tiny stones),

 – hairy or furry (plant or fabric with fine hairs or similar).

 – fluffy (cotton wool or similar)

    Share how the different things feel.

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