Teddy Shelter

Children make shelters for the homeless trolls or teddies out of a mix of found and provided natural materials.


Children work cooperatively and with consideration in the den building. They take it in turns to carry out different tasks. They do their own problem-solving to make a shelter with the materials provided

Hay, willow sticks or similar. Log stumps, found materials from the Forest School Area and twine for tying sticks. Beach buckets and trowels. Shells for a shell garden.

  1. Divide the children into groups. Provide each group with an area. They should be in proximity so as to create a ‘troll’ or ‘teddy town’.
  2. Den Making. Gather or provide making materials – sticks, hay, leafy branches.
  3. Make the shelter. Provide guidance as to possible construction methods. The shelter below left is made up of willow sticks pushed into the ground and then bent together and tied. The second shelter is made by simply placing log stumps side by side and placing sticks between them. Talk about how you will make walls and a roof. What shape will your shelter be? Will it be large enough to take your trolls or teddies? Work together to make gardens out of shells, pebbles and green found materials.
  4. Visit each other’s dens. Share success.

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