Teddy Bear Nativity

 Children make a Nativity Set or Creche with teddy bears.


To learn and tell the Nativity Story in their own terms. To construct a stable with the help of an adult and place the teddies as characters in the story.


A couple of dozen teddies, to play the characters in the Nativity. Bale of hay or straw. Log stumps or similar to make the stable walls. Sticks of a metre length or more for the roof.

Scrap Store fabrics (whites, blues, browns, fake sheepskin etc) pre-cut to make simple garments. Tarpaulin square that goes underneath the hay to prove some shelter for the teddies. Gifts for the three wise men.

Who was there when Jesus was born? Who visited the baby Jesus in the stable?

Explain. Let’s talk about the people in our story. What do they look like? What is their part in the story?

Choose teddies. Let’s choose teddies for each of the people in the story. We can make clothes for them so we know who they are.

Make a stable. The stable in the picture is made with log stumps for the walls, branches for the roof timbers and a covering of hay. Make a manger out of hay. Lay your Baby Jesus teddy in the manger.

Position the other characters in suitable places. Make gifts for the three wise men.

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