Star Thrower

Children make multi-coloured starfish out of clay and paints and display them on a tray of sand with shells and seaweed.


Reflect on the value of all life and valuing the environment.

Arts and Design. Exploring and using media and materials to create starfish that reflect the patterns in nature.

Make Starfish. Painting boards. Clay, paints and brushes to colour the starfish. Pictures of different types of starfish found in nature.

Make Setting. Pieces of blue tarp. Bag of beachcomber finds, sand and water.

  1. Make a mini-beach. Use a piece of tarpaulin covered in sand for a beach. Decorate with shells and pebbles.
  2. Talk about other living creatures we might find on a beach. Draw on children’s knowledge of the sea. Use beach finds to talk about the life they represent – trees (driftwood), birds (feathers or bones), molluscs, crabs, seaweed. They were all living creatures once. Starfish are special. No two starfish are the same. They have a life like you and me.
  3. Make two or three, small starfish with clay. Starfish typically have five legs and come in every shape and size you can imagine. Paint your starfish. Make three or four of different sizes and colours as time permits.

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