Make a full-size scarecrow using traditional techniques and materials.


Developing teamwork, including planning together and division of labour. Make a full-size scarecrow. Improving the capacity to work through the structural issues in making a full-size scarecrow.

A 1.7mtr pole and 3 one mtr pole per scarecrow. Strong two or three-ply twine. Small spade. Scrap hessian and fabrics. Sandbags. All available old coats, hats, shirts etc.. Straw bale. Tapestry needles and sewing kit. Paint kit, scissors, hacksaws, spades. 

Scarecrow. Field scarecrows are traditionally made on a cross-shaped frame. The may need support, such as a tripod at the base of the main support (see picture). Make a sturdy, rigid frame about five feet tall. It is easier to dig a small hole and tamp the main support in with cobbles and earth. Hammer in two 1mtr poles and tie firmly to the central pole. Attach the ‘arms’ to form a cross shape. The body and head are made of sandbags filled with straw. Make a face by painting directly onto the sandbag or an attached piece of scrap plain fabric.

Dressing the scarecrow. Share ideas for giving the scarecrow a distinctive character e.g. scary or friendly. Share out clothing materials.

Make hands. Search for suitable sticks. Tie together to make hands and attach to the frame. Give your scarecrow a name.

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