Jabberwock Stick

Children make a dragon stick to scare off dragons. They go in search of the Jabberwock and his hoard of gold.


Safe and effective use of a hacksaw, potato peeler and sandpaper to achieve the desired outcome.

Make a Dragon Stick. 50cm sticks, one per child. Pre-cut cardboard squares. Mini-hacksaws to cut the sticks, safety scissors and coloured tapes. Potato peelers. Wool. Double sided tape. Garden twine

Find the Dragon Hoard. Foreign coins, pirate or chocolate money and a small box to put it in. Hide in a suitable location for a treasure hunt.

  1. Make a Dragon Stick. Children cut the stick to their preferred length and use a potato peeler to whittle off some of the bark. Make a decorative handle with wool.
  2. Decorate the Stick. Encourage care and neatness in the execution. Wool can be used to decorate the stick or make a handle. Consider the use of feathers or even a hay tickler tied to the top of the stick. Two of the sticks below make use of raw wool to decorate the end.
  3. Go in search of the Jabberwock’s Treasure. Hide the coin treasure in a nice old box or similar. With the protective dragon sticks, go in search of the Jabberwock. Keep your eyes open for signs of dragon activity. Be sure to find the treasure and the treats – not the Jabberwock.

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