How to Catch a Troll

Use sticks to make a troll cage. Make troll treasure out of natural finds to lure the troll into the cage. Make your own special troll trap.


Knot-tying and lashing. Using twine and sticks to make a cage.

Creativity – Children design their own cage or trap from found materials. They design their own maze.

Working together. Ensuring that everyone in the group is able to participate.

You need 6 – 8 sticks per cage – these can be pre-cut or found. Hacksaws if children are to cut their own sticks. Garden twine to tie the sticks. Rolls of masking tape if children can’t tie knots. Decorative fabrics, buttons, marbles, shells, and small pieces of silver foil to create a treasure hoard.

  1. Troll Treasure. You need something to attract the troll. Use your shiny things, nice pretty shells, bits of silver paper, beads and so on to assemble a troll hoard (troll treasure).
  2. Make a Troll. This troll is simply two sticks tied together, draped in a fragment of bed sheet and topped with a clay head. See the ‘Pocket Scarecrow’ PowerPoint on how to make a more elaborate troll.
  3. Make a Troll Cage. Use willow or hazel whips or other thin, flexible wood source. To make life simpler, the sticks can be pushed into soft ground in a circle of about twelve inches and tied together at the top with wool or twine. Put your troll treasure inside the cage. Alternatively make a hoop out of willow or vine and attach the sticks with twine or masking tape (see below).
  4. Troll Maze. Use sand and shells. How about making a troll maze? Trolls love puzzles. Use shells and pebbles to make a maze to trap the trolls.

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