Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Working in small groups, children clear an area and build a story setting based on the Goldilocks story. The story is acted out in the settings using soft toys.


Children are able to express the key safety points in their own terms. They work safely, with an awareness of the safety of others in how they work. They construct a play setting for soft toys based on the Goldilocks story.

 Buckets and trowels. Pre-cut sticks. Found natural materials. Fabrics. Pebbles and shells. 4 bears per group. Props – bowls, spoons, plenty of hay for beds, small log stumps for chairs.

  1. Share the elements of the story. Can the children tell the story? Share what the bears cave might look like and where it was situated, such as in a wood or forest.
  2. Build the settings in groups to show the table and porridge and the bedroom with three beds. Use teddy bears for characters and goldilocks dolly.
  3. Visit each other’s story settings and children tell the story.
  4. Dismantle and tidy away.
  5. Share the things you enjoyed doing. Talk about the different things you did.

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