Elf House

Children make houses for an elf or fairy out of found materials.


Children use found materials to construct an elf house and create simple narratives to describe the lives of the elves who live there.

Buckets containing pebbles and shells of different sizes. Trowels and buckets for any clearing away/digging to make the elf doors). Hay and wool. Safety scissors. Hacksaws for cutting sticks to size.

Find the Elf. Peewit is back and hiding in the field. He is a very naughty elf. Can we find him?

A house for Peewit. Lots of elves are moving into the wood. There aren’t enough houses for them. Can we build some elf houses out of sticks and hay, with lovely windy paths and garden walls made out of shells and pebbles?

Demonstrate techniques for working with hay to create a roof. Practice the technique. Keep the bundle for their house. Remind them of how they made nice labyrinth paths with pebbles and shells.

Make the house and garden gate with hay, wool, sticks, pebbles and shells.

Visit each other’s houses.


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