Easter Garden

Children make a mini-Easter Garden out of clay, pebbles, mosses and daisies and willow.


Development of fine motor skills making the cross and tomb. Identifying a variety of materials to make the prayer garden.Expression of individual creativity in the garden design.

Thin sticks to make crosses or pre-made crosses. Wool to tie the crosses. Mini-hacksaws and secateurs (adult use only). Clay. Trays to store finished products until dry. Wool. Pebbles for the tomb, found or brought in. Thin sticks to push plants and twigs into the clay.

Make crosses. Crosses can be pre-made for Reception. Alternatively, the children can gather thin stick and trim to size with mini-hacksaws. Adult help is generally needed to tie crosses with this age group.

Gather stones. If none are available in school, buy a bag of pebbles from a garden centre.

Make the hill. Issue a piece of clay. Mould the clay into a conical hill with a flat base.

Make the tomb. Push the thumb into the front of the mound to make a tomb-shaped depression. The tomb is finished by pushing three pebbles into the clay in the shape of a doorway.

Make the garden. Using a thin stick or split cane, insert mosses and tiny flowers into the mound. The cross is placed at the highest point on the clay mound. Label the cross with the child’s name.

Reflection. What is the story behind the Easter Garden?

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