Dinosaur Day

 Children dig for dinosaur bones. They go on a hunt for Dolly the Dinosaur. They paint a card dinosaur with potato stamps to take home.


Children follow the sequence of instructions in respect of the activities and seek support in a way that is relevant to the activity. Children develop skills in using bucket and trowel to dig a given area in a methodical way.

Preparation. Buy or find a selection of bones. Look for large animal bones such as cattle bones. These can be bought from pet shops where they are sold as doggy treats. I also use a rather battered horse skull. Before the session begins, dig a small pit filled with sieved soil or use a sand play pit. Hide bones at a modest depth. Beach buckets and plastic trowels for digging. Child-size gardening gloves. Toy or soft toy dinosaur to hunt for. 

  1. Dinosaur hunt. Find Dolly Dinosaur.
  2. Find the big dinosaur bones. Dig up the dinosaur bones from the bone pit. Which part of the body do the bones come from?
  3. Make a life-size dinosaur. Use branches and hay to make a full-size dinosaur shape. Children help position natural materials to make a dinosaur shape. Heap hay onto the timber skeleton to create a dinosaur shape. Use a ball for an eye and suitable leaves for teeth.

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