Clay Owl

Children make a clay owl using a series of specific stages. The owl is painted.


Developing skills in working with clay. Making an item through a series of pre-defined stages. Working to the best standard possible. Painting the owl with poster colours.

Clay, rolling pins, pens with tops. Clay knives to finish the fine detailing. Paints and paint containers, brushes, water to clean brushes.


  1. Make a clay owl.

– Roll a neat ball of clay

– Use a rolling pin to flatten the ball into a disk of around 12cms in diameter.

– The lower half of the disc of clay is decorated with a feather pattern, using a pen top.

– Fold the opposite sides towards each other to make the wings.

– Make the head by folding down the top portion and shaping the ears.

 – Add the detailing– eyes, and beak.

  1. Paint the owl. Barn owls have a white face and breast with a tawny head and back.

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