Camouflage Crowns

Children make a camouflage crown and make themselves green or camouflaged generally. They play the camouflage game.


Choosing leaves, grasses and other plants that reflect their natural environment. Making a Camouflage Crown by assembling their finds onto a pre-made card headband.

Prepare the card strips before the lesson, one for each child. An A4 card sheet will cut into three 7cm wide strips. Staple two strips together to make a strip long enough to make a head band. Apply two strips of double-sided tape to the head band. Buckets or bags for collecting. Washing line and child-friendly pegs to hang up finds. Stapler. Tissue for drying wet leaves.

  1. Washing line finds. Using a bucket or bag, collect leaves that reflect the natural colours around you. Use clothes pegs to attach the finds to the washing line.
  2. Make the sticky strip crowns – Write child name on the card strip, peel back the start of the double-sided tape, measure on the child’s head and stick down or staple to size.
  3. Make a crown that will help us to hide. We wish to hide and not be seen. What can we put on our crowns that will help us to disappear? Go on a leaf hunt or re-use the finds on the washing line. Children can peel the double-sided protective layer off for themselves.
  4. Attach the leaves and grasses to the crown, pressing on firmly by supporting the opposite side as you press. Children decorate the crown by adding leaves and greenery. The also find greenery to stick in their clothes to make themselves harder to see.
  5. Hide & Seek. Choose a great place to hide. Does your crown match where you are hiding? If there are lots of leaves in your crown you may need to his behind a tree. Be still and very quiet. The quietest and stillest child is usually the last to be found!

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