Barter Town (walled shelter)

Children make a small, defended town, with a dwelling for each group and a central dwelling for the boss. The name comes from the film, Mad Max 3.


Build structures, exploring how they can be made sturdy and functional. Make the structures within proximity of each other in what might be described as a defensive village.

All available sticks, mallets, camouflage tarps, hessian sacks, tyres, planks, log stumps and netting. Twine, scissors, pegs.

  1. Where is Barter Town? (Mad Max). How were traditional towns and villages built? Very compact and contained within a defensive boundary. This universal theme of a walled space continued for thousands of years. The wall also serves as a means of safeguarding livestock.

  1. Building Barter Town. A group of 4 – 6 children are assigned the task. They divide the tasks. Make shelters, fence and gate and whatever shelters of the ‘village’ that materials permit. Support as necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

  1. Discuss outcomes. The ability to work in groups whilst referencing the work of others, planning and sharing ideas and tasks is the key skill. Evaluate the project in terms of its strengths.

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