About the Author

Chris Trwoga is a qualified teacher and Level 3 Forest School leader who taught in a classroom for twenty-five years before heading for the woods. He was the executive officer of an educational charity for more than a decade, providing advice and training in outdoor learning to Somerset schools. He currently teaches Forest School in a primary setting in Somerset and writes on  outdoor learning themes. He is available to provide advice and training on the delivery of Forest School.

Why Freebies?

I’ve been running my Forest School for over 20 years and I want to share my experience and some tried and tested activity plans. I’m happy to share many these for free. I’m also offering my books about Forest School and Labyrinths for sale, which I hope will help to fund this site.

The Books

Forest School Freebies works in tandem with our publications

Book 1 - Forest School for the Primary Setting

Woodland stories, Role-play and Craft Activities for Children

Activities for 4 – 10 year-olds with age adaptability in mind. Each of the 52 lesson plans has an accompanying story, based in an imaginary wood. The stories provide a context for the craft activities as well as providing a framework for engaging children in imaginative play. Illustrated with photographs. See our Books page for more details.

Publication Date Spring 2024

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Book 2 - The Power of Outdoor Learning

107 Lesson Plans & Projects for Schools

2nd Edition

This is the second edition of our activities for children and young people aged 11 – 16 and contains over 100 activity plans, together with explanatory diagrams and photographs. Many of the  activities in this book are intended for half day sessions. There are also projects that require several sessions to complete.


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Book 3 - The Power of Labyrinths

 100 Activities & Projects for Schools and Community Groups.

Written for schools and community groups this book provides guidance in the construction and use of labyrinths in educational settings with 100 activities for all age groups. This is a valuable additional tool for Forest School Leaders and curriculum leaders wishing to expand outdoor learning and spiritual and emotional development. Fully illustrated with diagrams and photographs.

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Your data and Forest School Freebies

The website will request your name and email address only. Other information, such as your address or school details will only be requested if you order physical books or materials. We will not pass your details onto any third party except where an intermediary is fulfilling an order placed on this site. Our plan is to move personal information collected by the site to cold storage to keep you safe and our site unattractive to hackers.